3 reasons why you should start steaming your hair

3 reasons why you should start steaming your hair

Three reasons you should start steaming your hair today!


Do you have dry and brittle hair, and you complain of stunted hair growth? If yes, don’t fret because most ladies complain of the same problem. So the question is “what is the solution to this common problem?”

Hair steaming might be the solution to your problems. Steaming is a deep conditioning method that uses steam to release moisture to the scalp.

Hair steaming can be done in different ways such as using a standing steamer or a handheld steamer.

Hair steaming increases the flow of natural oils that are produced by the scalp thereby eliminating dryness and stimulates hair growth.


So why should you consider steaming?

1. It helps reduces breakage.

    Hair steaming helps to add moisture to hair, and thus it can make brittle, thirsty, and dry hair healthy, supple, and hydrated.

    2. It helps clean the scalp

      Hair steaming helps clean the scalp and promote hair growth. The warmth of the steam can fight through the dirt on the scalp, making it very easy to keep your scalp clean. It is necessary to keep a clean scalp because a  clean scalp is a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp means a healthy hair. Also, the warmth helps in stimulating blood flow in the scalp which helps with hair growth.

      3. Opens up the hair follicle

        Hair steaming opens up the hair follicle to allow the easy absorption of products into the hair, which means that products are easily absorbed into the core. This is very helpful for low porosity natural hairs that find it difficult to get moisture or products deep into the core of the hair.

        How often should you steam?

        No particular law says how often you should steam. How often you steam on how dry your hair is and how difficult or easy it is for products like leave-in conditioners or deep conditioners to penetrate your hair strands. However, you will not require hair streaming daily, but if you feel that hair steaming once or twice a week makes your hair looks hydrated and plump, go for it!

        Important things you should know about steaming your hair


        1. Steam your hair as needed, listen to your hair. Some natural hair sisters steam before a protective style or after. If you wear your protective style for long periods, entertain the idea of steaming at the mid-point of your wear. 
        1. When steaming, stay under a steamer for only 30 minutes and nothing more than that. Steaming for more than 30 minutes can cause your hair to break very easily.


        1. When steaming, make sure you don’t cover your hair with a shower cap. Covering your hair with a cap will prevent direct heat waves from the steamer to get to your roots. Thereby, not all the necessary treatments might get absorbed by your hair.


        1. Always remember to clip your hair up. Your hair ends are the oldest part of your hair, so you should never forget to clip your hair up, so your hair ends also receive the great benefits of hair steaming.


        1. Wait for 5 minutes before and after you get out of the steamer. You should take your time to apply the treatments in your hair before getting into the steamer, and you should also allow your hair to cool off before you wash it.


        Happy Steaming Ladies! Give us your feedback after you steam, were your curls popping, clean scalp and all!!




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