Letter from the Founder

It’s been a long and exciting road towards sharing my vision of Bantu Coils with the world. When I first started back in 2013, Bantu Coils, was a bustling Hair and Beauty Supply Store in the heart of my birthplace in Zimbabwe.

I was living several oceans away with my family in Dallas, Texas while working morning, noon, and night to get our shelves stocked and open our doors. It literally took a village, from my friends and family in Harare, along with the dedication of the women within Bulawayo to turn Bantu Coils into a thriving success.

From the very start I knew I wanted Bantu Coils to be different. The natural hair movement was starting to gain popularity throughout Zimbabwe and quickly spreading like wildfire to neighboring countries, but there was one massive problem. Women of all ages and textures were struggling to get their hands on hair products that actually catered to their kinks and curls.

I decided that it was up to Bantu Coils to become the first Hair and Beauty Product Supply store for naturally curly hair care in the country. I made sure we carried products that catered to all curl types and textures because at Bantu Coils we truly believe that every single curl pattern is beautiful.

Bantu Coils has evolved since our beginnings as a brick and mortar business in Zimbabwe, yet we have never lost sight of our values.

In 2016 I was faced with the tough decision of closing our physical doors due to economic regulations in Zimbabwe, but I refused to give up and abandon so many women that counted on Bantu Coils for our continued support throughout their natural hair journey. I decided to keep our social media presence alive, while I began to work on formulating our own line of products specially formulated for women of color.

In many ways my decision to launch our Queen Lozikeyi Hydration line was a way to follow the footsteps of our Bantu ancestors. The Bantu women were known for their passion to learn and share their wisdom with others. Queen Lozikeyi Hydration line was inspired by years of scientific research combined with age old ancestral wisdom.

When you use Bantu Coils you are not only nurturing your curls with all-natural ingredients you are joining us in our mission to empower young women. Bantu Coils has community partnerships which we leverage to fund the education of strong female leaders.

Here at Bantu Coils we believe in uniting Queens to their natural roots and empowering women through investing in education. Thank you for joining our tribe!


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