Brand Statement

“At Bantu Coils, we pride ourselves on reconnecting proud women of color with their African roots by using only the highest quality, vegan ingredients in our all natural hair care line. We spread our message of female empowerment by investing in cultural and educational initiatives that support the success of young women of color around the world.”


Ethical Buying

We put an enormous amount of love and care into buying and making our products. It is our responsibility to ensure ethically  sound purchases and product. We believe that what we buy should have a positive impact on the community from which they are originated from. Buying from smaller-scale producer affords us the opportunity to drive positive change and form incredible relationships with people all over the world.


100% Client Focused

We believe:

  1. Happy Business owners produce good product and happy customers
  2. The value of our product will create profit and will be sustained by listening to client feedback
  3. Success is measured by healthy hair


Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is at the heart of our business, and we believe it's our responsibility to advocate for people in need.

A percentage of sales will go towards education for our rising female leaders in our communities. We believe charitable giving extends beyond monetary donations. We are committed to donating our time, efforts and hearts to help others. We believe in the power of love and people; with both we can touch lives.