Marula Oil, The secret to healthy natural hair

Marula Oil, The secret to healthy natural hair

The Benefits of Marula Oil

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What is marula oil and why are so many naturalistas using it on their kinks and coils? Marula oil comes from the marula fruit tree that is native to the southern region of Africa. The oil is an extract of tiny kernels that exist in the body of the marula fruit. This magical elixir has been around for centuries as a natural, healing agent. Marula oil is a common ingredient in soaps, lotions, and perfumes due in part to its natural, floral scent.

These are all fantastic qualities, but it still doesn’t answer the question of why naturalistas are adding this essential oil to their natural hair care regimen.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using marula oil on hair.

Moisturizes Hair

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The first benefit of using marula oil on hair is that this elixir is a potent conditioning agent. This essential oil has an exceptional ability to penetrate your hair and fill in the gaps where hair is brittle. You can use it as a hot oil treatment to assist your hair in retaining moisture. Many naturalistas especially love this oil because it is not a heavy oil and it does not leave hair looking limp from the weight of it or feeling excessively greasy.

Softens Hair and Improves Texture

Another positive benefit of using marula oil is its ability to leave hair feeling soft to the touch and manageable. Marula oil improves the hair’s texture. It is rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium. Each of these things contributes to healthy follicles, reducing the risk for them becoming too thin.

Relieves Dry Scalp

Marula oil is not only moisturizing to your hair but is also excellent for your scalp. Marula oil can help to treat dry scalp and prevent other unwanted scalp conditions that can interfere with healthy hair growth. It aids in stimulating circulation to the scalp which allows for the transport of oxygen and other nutrients that also play a vital role in healthy hair growth.

Another asset of marula oil is its ability to reduce inflammation and itchiness that can sometimes emerge with scalp irritation and infections. Products such as Hydrate and Restore Growth Oil with Rooibos Tea Complex and Marula Oil that contain marula oil can be especially helpful in replenishing your scalp. Marula oil’s vitamin E and vitamin C content promote a healing environment for your scalp and enable it to recover those pesky flare-ups. 

Protects Hair from Sun Damage

Marula oil is fabulous for protecting your hair and skin from their surrounding environments –including the rays of the sun. It contains just the right mix of substances that not only help to shield your hair from sun rays that can break down the protein structure of each strand but also, the necessary blend of properties that allows your hair to repair itself thanks to its conditioning qualities.

Improves Hair Flexibility

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Marula oil is a wonderful source of omega fatty acids and vitamin C. These two ingredients give your hair much-needed elasticity and flexibility. Hair elasticity is critical for decreasing your risk of degradation or breakage that can result in excessive hair manipulation or frequent change of hairstyle choices.  It also plays a pivotal role in your hair's ability to grow thicker and longer.

If you are in search of essential oil that can enhance your scalp health and boost your natural hair growth, you should consider adding marula oil to your treasure trove of natural hair care products. Another option to incorporate this oil into your daily regimen is to purchase products like Hydrate and Renew Pure Oils.  Marula oil on hair can equate to glorious tresses that promise to spark a bit of natural hair envy. 

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